Car Rental System

Innovative, Simple, Secure

Product Features

Technologically Advanced

Built with the latest in digital technologies, our car rental system provides cutting-edge cost effective solutions to this segment of travel business.

Service Quality

Smooth and efficient management allows you to provide higher quality services, from well maintained vehicles to roadside assistance.

Business Analytics

All the necessary and relevant data is curated into multiple statistical charts, allowing you to gauge your business activities and allocate resources as required.

Ease of Use

Our software is designed to be visually attractive and intuitively easy to use, making reservation of a vehicle not just simple, but actually desirable!

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Key Benefits









Separate User End

The distinct user end of the app features the following

  1. Registration and creation of unique profile

  2. Selection of vehicle according to type, manufacturer, and model

  3. Fuel and transmission preference

  4. Period of reservation ranging from hourly to monthly

  5. Multiple secure payment modes and document upload feature

  6. 24/7 access for reservation as well as complaints

Separate Admin End

The distinct admin end of the app features the following

  1. Information dashboard of vehicles in fleet and their condition

  2. Management and allocation of resources

  3. Supply chain management

  4. Data analysis systems

  5. Lead generation for additional services or franchises

Car Rental System with a Difference

Car Rental system refers to a software package or application designed to allow a user to select and reserve a motor vehicle for self driving. The massive proliferation of mobile devices and unprecedented access to the internet has created unforeseen avenues for businesses to flourish. Online Car Rental is one such example. The popularity is confirmed by global statistics, which indicate that the global car rental industry was worth $58.26 billion in 2016 and is expected to grow to over $124.56 billion by 2022. The car rental market in India alone is expected to become INR 1,000 billion by the same time. So what are you waiting for? Join the global players in the market and get into the big leagues with a custom made dedicated Online Car Rental System from BizzmanWeb.

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