.Net Development

BizzmanWeb is one of the top .NET development companies in Singapore,
and we provide you with a variety of web applications and solutions developed on the .NET framework

Web Development

We specialize in programming and development of a variety of web applications with the help of the powerful and dynamic .NET framework. From web portals to chat bots, we do it all.


Our highly trained and experienced team of developers can conceptualize and create a wide variety of robust and dynamic mobile and desktop based applications that are easy to use, powerful, and come with the guarantee of Microsoft


With the help of the robust dynamicity of .NET, our developers can create a wide range of solutions specific for you. We are skilled in creating cloud based solutions, Data Management solutions, integration of third party tools, business solutions including CRM and ERP systems, simply state your requirements, we’ll do the rest.


Backed by years of experience in programming, our developer team is able to migrate your existing web application from an older version of the .NET framework to the latest and best version, while keeping the appearance and functionality intact.