Clinic Management System

Robust, Scalable, and Easy to Operate

Product Features

Technologically Advanced

With the latest digital technologies, our clinic management system provides cutting edge solutions for efficient administration.

Service Quality

Smooth and efficient management allows you to provide higher quality healthcare services, whether in-house, outpatient, or emergency.

Business Analytics

All relevant data curated into multiple statistical charts, helping you gauge business activities and allocate resources appropriately.

Separate Access

Separate access for the software allows patients to manage unique profiles, while hospital admin can focus on quality service delivery.

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Key Benefits






Lab Tests



Separate Patient End

The distinct patient end of the app features the following:

  1. Booking facility with unique user ID for accurate patient record-keeping

  2. Enhanced patient-doctor communication

  3. Chat facility with document uploading feature

  4. One touch ambulance request facility for emergency services

  5. Pathological test information and booking services

  6. Video calling facility based on subscription

  7. Seamless integration of appointments with calendars

Separate Admin End

The distinct admin end of the app features the following

  1. Ticket assignment according to unique user ID request

  2. Information dashboard of clinic & patient records

  3. Management and allocation of resources

  4. Inventory management

  5. Data analysis systems

  6. Addition, modification, and deletion of patient, doctor and staff records

  7. Unique chatbots for maximum engagement

  8. Healthcare lead generation

Patient Management System with a Difference

In the fast paced and technology dependent world of today, efficiently managing the different facets of a healthcare service provider is a daunting task. Our clinic management system integrates all the distinct aspects of medical services, including patient and doctor information, details of administrative and maintenance staff, emergency and regular services, vehicles, as well as accounts all into one software bundle that is easy to access and administer. Also included are detailed periodic reports on operations and management, invaluable when you aim to grow faster than the competition.

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