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10 Web Design Trends You Cannot Afford to Miss in 2020

Web Design Development

Author: Bizzman; Published on: February 13, 2020

As web designing is constantly evolving, designers across the world are getting extremely creative to produce mesmerizing yet functional websites. To increase your web presence and stay ahead of your competitors, you need to have a website that is perfect from every aspect. Approximately 48% of people cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business. By implementing the right technologies, graphics, and strategies, you can design a powerful website.

If you want to upgrade your website and drive traffic, you need to know what is trending in the web designing world. Do you know the kind of websites that are attracting the most attention these days? This blog throws light on the latest trends in the web design and development world that you need to know. 

What are the Latest Web Designing and Development Trends in 2020?

Here is a list of the trending web design and development tactics :

1. Mix and Match Photos and Graphics 

Overlap original graphics on top of real photos to create a visually enticing website. Show your creativity and versatility to form a collage and add life to dull product photos. Let your creativity go wild to include fun elements on your website. You can use more serious features if you want to communicate complicated concepts such as finance or technology. Customize your imagery and add more personality to your web design. Make sure the illustrations and graphics suit your brand’s personality. For instance, use cartoon squiggles to add a playful touch to your website or geometric design, while detailed illustrations to add sophistication.

Web Design Trends



2. Get Into the Dark Mode

The ultra-modern dark mode of web design pops up colors and other elements. For OLED screens, dark themes are a better option as it saves power and extends screen life spans. When you use a dark background on your website, it boosts the visibility of other accent colors. The best thing about the dark mode is that it goes well with any kind of website.

Web Design Trends

3. Embrace Imperfection

There is nothing new and exciting about a perfect-looking website as everyone tries to create one. Stand out among the crowd by adding imperfect and hand-drawn visuals to your website this year. These elements add life and soul to your website. Pick quirky icons over high-pixel designs to reflect your brand personality. Messy looking websites can connect to maximum target customers and bring in revenues to your business.web design and development agency



4. Immerse in 3D Visuals  

Web designers have always loved 3D but avoided using this technology as it is expensive. The advancement in 3D has made it possible to design a website without NASA-tier equipment. Due to this, web designers are experimenting a lot with technology. Create an interactive 3D website design to interest users to stay longer. This year, bridge the gap between the digital world and reality by offering an immersive experience through your website. Future Technology

5.  Add Depth Through Subtle Shadows and Floating Elements

If you want to add depth to your website, use soft shadows and floating components. It gives a ‘3D Lite’ look that you can create with graphics, photos, and texts. To enhance your 2D design, add subtle drop shadows and layered components on top of each other. It creates a sharp contrast from the classic and flat design where the layers seem flat and well.Flat 45

6. Keep Ample White Space

To give a neat and clean appearance to your website, keep a lot of white space. To give more stability and structure to design, use clean framing. When you add a significant amount of white space to every web page element, the framing makes the visuals shine. The well-structured frames around a website help in separating different parts and thus create an orderly look. 

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7. Splash Vibrant Colours

In 2020, bold and vibrant web designs will steal the show. Use eye-catching neons and high-saturated colors with dark and subtle shades to give a luminous feel. Duotone websites have become quite popular recently. Although dark modes and minimalism are preferred by many business owners, glowing colors have their own charm and grab maximum eyeballs.Triangle

8. Minimize Navigation

Due to the emergence of wearable devices like smartwatches, web designs are getting more simplistic to ease navigation. This year, minimize navigation so people can access your website smoothly in mini devices. Minimalist navigation always makes your website user-friendly. People love a website if it has less content and loads quickly. 38% of users will not visit your website again if the pictures are not loading, the content is too long, and it takes too much time to load. When users need to think less about moving around, they would spend more time browsing your website.Mobile Apps Development

9. Go Big on Images and Videos

To impress maximum website visitors, add large-scale imageries and videos with minimum text. When you use less text on a web page, big visuals capture the most attention. Add artful or engaging images that say everything about your business. By having a glance at those visuals, users should be able to understand what kind of services you offer to customers. This year, learn how to use large images like a pro on your website.

something about us

10. Be Bold in Typography

Hero headlines on websites have always grabbed attention as they are designed with huge bold fonts. To add visual weight to your message and aesthetics to your website, use bold typography. They are perfect to create a contrast that boosts text readability and visual elements hierarchy. Make sure to not overuse it on your website. Use bold fonts for headers/subheaders and brief pieces of text with a neutral background. Choose simple fonts for good readability. Let’s say, you can use Round-shaped letters in Sans Serif fonts on your website for easily readable text.Get Magic Box

Make a Difference to Your Website in 2020

Futuristic designs are presently ruling in the web designing world. Eye-catching visuals, bright colors, dark mode, 3D effects, and minimalist navigation will dominate in 2020. No matter the trend you implement, it should help you to achieve your business objectives. The web designing elements should not overshadow usability. Identify your business targets and set successful website goals and objectives to create an enthralling website this year and offer a wonderful user experience.

Want to design an exclusive website for your business, boasting the above mentioned latest design trends? Reach out to us for a quote!

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