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6 Ways App Development Empower The Healthcare Industry Battle against COVID-19 & Thereafter

healthcare app development

Author: Bizzman; Published on: May 13, 2020

The emergence of mobile apps has proved to be extremely beneficial for the healthcare sector. During the COVID19 pandemic, apps provide the ultimate solutions to both doctors and patients. From buying medicines to viewing medical reports to booking appointments, patients can avail of a variety of facilities in this present critical situation and so on. Mobile app development provides strong support to the healthcare industry to battle against this tough time and move forward smoothly when the coronavirus fades away. Keep reading to learn how it empowers the industry.


App Development – How it Strengthens the Healthcare Industry to Fight Against Coronavirus Pandemic

Here are the ways :

1. Personal Health Monitoring

Healthcare apps filled with rich features help patients in monitoring their health personally anytime without doctors’ assistance. They can check blood pressure, sugar, heartbeat and cholesterol level. Moreover, they can also track their sleeping cycles, amount of burnt calories and the total number of walked steps at any time.

Healthcare apps

2. Fast and Easy Bill Payment

With mobile apps, patients can pay bills easily and quickly. They do not need to stand for long in the queue to make payments. As these apps are equipped with safe and secure payment processors, people can make payments as and when required without any hassle.

pay bills easily and quickly

3. Less Medical Expenses and Doctor Fees

The sky-high hospital bills or medical expenses are one of the reasons for high mortality rates in third-world countries. As healthcare apps replace the need to visit physical pharmacy stores, it significantly reduces medical expenditure.

healthcare apps

4. Accurate Reports

Unfortunately, wrong diagnosis is quite common in the healthcare sector that leads to unfavourable consequences and even death at times. The effective utilization of apps reduces the chance of delivering wrong reports. As machines are effective and accurate, they always provide correct medical reports to patients. This increases the efficiency of doctors when they are on duty.

medical reports to patients

5. The Emergence of Innovative Models and Opportunities

Besides patient empowerment, mobile apps offer innovative models and opportunities to professionals. So, doctors do not need to hand over referral pads or visit hospitals frequently to form a good relationship with patients. Due to the increasing usage of mobile applications, doctors can write resourceful referrals with no efforts.

mobile apps offer innovative models

6. Speedy Access

Apps have minimized the requirement for doctors to make in-house visits to cure and diagnose patients. Nowadays, they make digital visits. Healthcare apps come with the functionality of audio and video chat through which patients and doctors can schedule appointments. They can discuss relevant issues and more as per the convenience. As apps are supportive of doctors, they get updated with patients’ status from any part of the world. Doctors can suggest proper medicines and other changes in case of urgency.

Healthcare apps


App development contributes a lot to the empowerment of the healthcare industry worldwide and even in remote areas amidst the COVID19 pandemic and thereafter. As hospitals are less in remote locations, patients can call an ambulance, book an appointment with doctors and buy medicines in critical situations. Healthcare apps have always helped doctors and patients to stay updated with health-related ongoing during this crisis and in the future when the world attains normalization.

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