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7 Ways Data Analytics Help You to Drive Positive Outcome

Data Analytics

Author: Bizzman; Published on: July 2, 2020

Organizations mainly the big corporations tend to face the most difficulties to draw value from the huge amount of data. It is obvious for any business owner to try several tactics to drive positive outcomes from data but they are not successful many times.

The corporate culture makes it quite tough to implement changes in data. Thus, only the leading companies have been able to be highly successful in the competitive sector via modern strategies and complete business planning. Even after the implementation, there have been shortcomings.

Business owners feel that application of data analytics will take their corporations to the next level, but it fails to happen at times. Moreover, improper implementation of this advanced technology creates more confusion.

Do you want to leverage business analytics for a better performance and outcome?

You need to break down all barriers in every department, apply the most effective policies to boost management and build a productive team of experts.

Keep reading to find out the most common ways to leverage data analytics!

Data Analytics – Tried and Tested Ways of Using it in Business for Positive Output

Here are the proven ways :

1. Define Clearly a Business Issue

It may seem obvious to determine a business issue but many companies miss this crucial step. If you spend most of your time to define a problem, it takes the least time to solve it.

Most of the companies invest in data analytics tools and then try to identify problems that are to be solved. But it does not work that way! At first, you need to detect the exact issue and then arrange for state-of-the-art technologies to solve it effectively and drive business growth.

data analytics tools


Let’s say, if a brand named X has been trying to boost their sales by 20% for their products. They need to clearly define a problem like how their competitor brands are decreasing their prices to make X products seem pricey that reduces their demand among customers and thereafter sales.

So, X needs to take a step to escalate demand for their products, reduce pricing or other alternatives to solve their issue. In such a situation, data analytics can be of great help to them. X can use analytics to determine and fix an issue immediately or conduct a series of predictive analysis with the motive to produce great results.

2. Build the Perfect Structure

The structure of your company affects the different levels of communications, employee responsibilities and operations. The more organized the structure, the better the outcomes. A company’s framework influences the entire productivity and ability to drive positive outcomes.

productivity and ability

Due to certain things, you may become incapable to link data to favorable outcomes. If you want your company to effectively drive excellent business outcomes with data analytics, then you need to consider the barriers that exist in various departments in the present structure. You also need to consider the ways latest software/tools fit to your company structure, who should be conducting data analysis and where your data experts should be based.

3. Distinguish Obstacles in Various Departments

The goals and objectives of all departments in your organization differ from one another. Due to this, there has been a wide communication gap between departments.

communication gap

You need to build a structure that fills this gap and promotes collaboration among different departments. Make each of the departments shift their focus from themselves to the company as a whole. Train them how to align themselves with the motives and resources of others effectively.

4. Invest Less in the Beginning

To grow and expand your business, you need to start small. When it comes to data analytics, you should not over invest in the beginning and take it slowly.

grow and expand your business

To buy cutting-edge tools, technologies and software, you need to hire professionals who are capable enough to operate in your organization’s selected platform. As a business owner, you need to update or buy advanced tools carefully as it won’t be possible for you to go back and change your decision.

5. Find a Better Software

Business intelligence and planning tools that are easier to use may not be purchasable at the cost of functionality and customization. If your tool is not customizable or inaccessible by multiple users, it is high time to invest in something better.

Business intelligence

Your planning tools should permit executives and other users to get replies to business related questions that have been only visible to modelers and analysts. When you find a software with an upgraded level of accessibility, users will be able to ask queries and visualize outcomes without depending on mathematics and technology experts.

6. Form Teams of Hybrid Data Experts

Companies hold different thoughts regarding the positioning of data. Some believe that they are a segment of IT, while others think data experts should have their own teams or be placed in the field of business that own the most important information. In reality, data teams have to be a hybrid otherwise it may lead to alienation of some departments in your company.

positioning of data

7. Be Flexible to Embrace the Changes

Due to the growing competition and rapid evolvement in the business world, your company needs to be highly flexible and implement innovative tools to embrace the change. Shift in market, industry standards and customer demand make it necessary for you to redefine business objectives. Let’s say, environment friendly packaging has become a standard approach and customer demand in product-selling based industries.

growing competition

You need to understand that implementing the best analytics tools is not sufficient to connect data with business output. It is essential to show employees belonging to every department the key benefits of applying data analytics.

The Bottom Line

Measuring the value of business depending on data is not easy because of barriers such as corporate policies, structures and cultures. Implementation of data analytics helps in overcoming all difficulties and barriers in the way, thereby driving positive outcomes.

To manage a large volume of data just like that and set your company apart from others, make the most of data analytics and grow your business.

Want to use business data & insights for your business operations? Get in touch with us to get the best Data Analytics solutions and take your business to new heights!

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