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Best Digital Marketing Tools that Are Here to Stay

Digital Marketing Tools

Author: Bizzman; Published on: October 12, 2019

Amidst modern marketing technologies emerging every day, wondering how firms, despite their size, strive to maintain this level of complexity?

That’s where modern digital marketing tools help and create a strong online presence to establish your brand with style and distinction.

Below we quote some of the right technology stacks that would help you speed through the competition in which some are free and some are paid.

  1.  Analytics and Data Tools
    • Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most significant tools for any business in the run. This tool tracks and reports website traffic and shows you all the important information about your website execution, including the viewer’s demographics, keywords that are current and exerted actions. Also, this phenomenal tool is free of cost.

    • Woopra

Woopra, another wonderful tool that one can avail for free, or pay for the same to get the detailed version of it. This tool contributes in-depth alliance and integration reports, tracks user campaigns, grants complete data maintenance and so many other things. So if one favours having an end to end customer journey analytics, consider the Woopra platform.

    • Adobe Analytics

Adobe Analytics is one trusted tool that confers accurate and real-time data insights and all the data you want to have a piece of knowledge about. It is a highly recommended brand as several users use it for an extended period and they get fruitful results.


Digital Marketing Tools

   2.  Social Media Marketing Tools

    • Slack Social

Slack social is your one-stop store that will solve all social media issues. It is considered the best option because it is free and pro options are also available for the extra usage. It increases social media metrics and engagement and advances the audience base.

    • Buffer

Buffer tool, one of the most efficient tools that would prevent wastage of time for all social media management campaigns by simply implementing a variety of marketing strategies. It can be managed and optimized with one very convenient platform. The additional benefit of this tool is that one can start with a trial session and then if it suits and satisfies the need, one can go for membership.

    3.  Keyword Ranking Tools

    • Accu Ranker

Accu Ranker is a popular one in the field of digital marketing. It is faster, better and provides the most accurate keyword rank tracker. It helps one to know their competitors well, and also confers proper domain ranking at unusual times, and can have unlimited users. However, Accu Ranker is not free and has a 14 days trial period option available.

    • Rank Watch

An SEO marketing program that treats the position, visibility, and searchability of a website in search engines as it is one of the major features of online marketing. This has a smart and user-friendly user-interface that does Rank tracking, competitive analysis, site auditing, monitoring backlinks and a no. of incredible services at a very moderate price.

Nevertheless, a small part of an immense collection of digital marketing tools for marketers is being explained here which is acknowledged as some of the best digital marketing tools for 2019. These are widely adopted and promoted by digital marketing techies in the long run for a mind-blowing result.

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