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Custom Built ERP Solutions For The Manufacturing Industry

Custom Built ERP Solutions

Author: Bizzman; Published on: June 24, 2020

A customized enterprise resource planning (ERP) has grown to be a necessity for manufacturers these days. As business operations are quite complicated, you need to implement a cutting-edge technology to streamline all activities in a single centralized system. This makes ERP a great choice for the manufacturing industry.

An increasing number of manufacturers are embracing ERP technology as a digital solution to manage supply chains, inventory and production schedules. Experts predict the international ERP market is to grow approximately $41.69 billion this year. Thus, advanced ERP software is a key part of the company’s digital transformation.If you fail to manage the manufacturing of products smartly, you can never satisfy your customers.

advanced ERP software

Keep reading to learn the role, features and benefits of the custom-built ERP for the manufacturing industry.

ERP Software – An Essential for the Modern Manufacturing Industry

ERP influences your shipping, production, buying, human resources management and other areas. Thus,it has a significant impact on your business profits. The ERP system you use should be able to streamline operations, control inventory surplus, schedule production, make product delivery schedules and help in quality control. This assists you to track purchases and improve cash flows yet comply to rules and regulations.

As per Panorama Consulting, 64% of companies implement an ERP to boost performance while 57% to position themselves for growth. After the implementation of ERP in business, 95% of businesses realized the success in their operations.

Customize the Best ERP Suited to Your Manufacturing Needs

Do you know what is the best ERP for manufacturing? The one that is designed for the use of manufacturers. So, you should customize it as per your manufacturing needs.

As requirements of retail/wholesale companies differ a lot from the manufacturing industry, your ERP also needs to be quite different. The right ERP software for manufacturing allows you to differentiate between stock management  and order processing.

Your customized ERP solution for manufacturing should support the following activities:

  • Real-time production
  • Process monitoring
  • Legal product configuration
  • Product development
  • Data management
  • Planning and scheduling operations
  • Supply chain management
  • Production equipment maintenance
  • Data capturing
  • Analysis

ERP Software

A high-quality ERP system for manufacturing makes the updated data available on your computer or mobile phone screen. No matter if your ERP is live on the website or in the cloud, it should be 24/7 available worldwide as manufacturing never stops.

Around 80% of companies are unsatisfied with their ERP systems and thus, most of their projects fail. In case, you fail to identify your precise needs, you cannot customize the proper ERP solution for your business. When you start with an RFP template and customize ERP suited to your precise requirements, you are likely to earn massive profits in manufacturing.

Key Benefits of ERP Software for the Manufacturing Industry

Here are the major benefits of an ERP system :

Data Security

Maintenance of paper records is very unsafe as they may get torned and lost anytime. Hard disks cannot even guarantee data security because of many users. With an ERP software, you can access a variety of data via a single system. You can allow access to staff who are responsible to manage data. A Cloud-based ERP system permits access to data anytime from any place until their devices are connected to the internet.

Data Security

Effective Inventory Management

Inventory management is an integral step in the manufacturing process. When you use an ERP system, you can control your internal and external inventory movement more effectively. The software also allows you to identify the most and least  marketable products. This helps you to handle purchasing and procurement of products more effectively and bring innovations to the marketplace.

Inventory management

Integration of All Departments

When you use a high-end ERP system, you can easily integrate all departments of your manufacturing company including finance, inventory, sales, customer support and human resource. So, you do not need to monitor each and every department separately. As all the departments of your company coordinate via a single system, managers can get detailed data from each of them instantly.

Integration of All Departments

Work Order Automation

A top-notch ERP software enables you to automate work orders including execution date/time, product order, sales contract, customer name, product quantity and staff responsibility. Every work order has a routine code that makes it easier for you to monitor a route. When you supervise, you can checklist every task depending on a work order that has been made. You can also make sure that all the activities work well.

top-notch ERP software

Streamlining Supply Chain and Order Fulfilment Strategy

When you use an ERP software, you can ensure that the overall process operates smoothly and meets customer demand on time. Supply chain management comprises coordination, acquisition, inventory management and product delivery. The advanced ERP system creates more effective logistics techniques and thus, it aids you in reducing your administrative and operating costs.

Streamlining Supply Chain

Data Accumulation and Decision Making

ERP software helps you in collecting detailed data on all areas of business operations including sales performance, profits/losses, customers, finances, sticks and labours. Due to the data generation, you can estimate accurately and predict effectively.  This empowers you to make smart business decisions at the right time.

Data Accumulation

ERP for Manufacturing – A Great Choice for Digital Transformation

The ERP you use for your business has a massive impact on digital transformation. When you choose the right ERP for manufacturing, you select the product to transform your business digitally. So, assess the capabilities of your ERP to amalgamate easily with other technologies. You can do business smoothly when your ERP is a well-integrated framework including CRM, credit management, PIM and ecommerce platforms. This integrated solution offers the potent data that businesses need today to stay ahead of competitors in the marketplace. Data is at the core of every decision that you make in business from sales to marketing to shipping and manufacturing. As integration permits data to flow, you can assess the features and integration capabilities of various ERP software available for manufacturers.

The Takeaway

A custom-built ERP solution can take your entire manufacturing process to the next level. Due to the increasing competition in the manufacturing industry, you should never compromise on anything  and try to do whatever it takes to outperform every now and then.

So, invest in a good ERP software to upscale your entire manufacturing process  and also digitize your business effectively!

To custom built ERP solutions, reach out to our skilled developers right away!

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