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Digital Transformation Strategy: Changing the Workplaces In COVID-19 Pandemic

Digital Transformation Strategy

Author: Bizzman; Published on: December 30, 2020

Think about the scenario of 12 months ago. If someone told you that, businesses mostly would be proceeding with almost 100% of organizational people working from home in mid-2020, would you have believed them? COVID- 19 has clicked the fast-forward button on the digital transformation strategy.

The trend towards remotely working has been attaining traction for some time, but the ‘work-from-home’ need changed companies in a matter of a few short weeks in a way that otherwise would have been taken years. It is been considered a ‘forced digitization’.

So if your venture has been ‘making do’ with interim remote operations, how can you sharpen your processes for preceding digital transformation?

A permanent shift to remote work

Professionals mostly, especially knowledge workers, are currently working from home. Twitter has recently committed to permitting some of its organizational people to indefinitely work from home. Remote readiness is crucial spending that prepares for the business future and minimizes risks.

Simplify remote work with digitized processes

Small ventures can be ready for constant remote operations by expending in digital technology such as automated processes and cloud-based applications.

Although the rapid shift to 100% remote work has not been convenient for several businesses, the transition has been much more clear-cut for those who had spent in digital transformation strategy previously.

Effectively communicate with collaboration tools

When have secured a team on-site, it is convenient to talk out things at your desk. Remote work can make cooperation a bit difficult, but it can be improvised with significant processes and tools.

Although you are most likely no stranger to video call these days, virtual meetings that have 20 people interacting over each other just are not very prolific. You could fine-tune interactions by planning smaller, shorter meetings that greater suit a remote workplace.

Collaboration tools let teams chat and work on documents together that makes remote interaction more proficient. You can download some free templates such as the team meeting tracker and the daily email interactions direct to observe what you think.

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Small business should rapidly embrace a digital transformation strategy

Between March 16 and 23, 2020, it has been analyzed that half of the small ventures already imposed a negative impact from COVID-19. More than 80% were anticipating further unfavourable impacts. The main issue elevated was a vast decrease in local demand that makes sense- if you are told to remain at home to keep safe, you cannot visit the local café, the florist, the Laundromat, the mechanic.

So how can small ventures who are dormant on the brink of collapse use a digital strategy to stay pertinent in a remote-operating world? Push your online services, if you are not selling online

already, look into it. Provide free contactless local delivery. Cafes and restaurants can encourage gift cards and vouchers to be utilized when limitations are relaxed. Promote reviews from loyal consumers to assist others to come across you online. If you have acclimatized and pivoted your products to perform in the ‘new normal’ tell people about it. Publicize on your community Face page. Advancement will always be famous. Encourage virtual courses, events, and classes for a fee.

Preparing for a sustainable future post-pandemic

Formulate flexible and supportive working arrangements-

When this is all over, many organizational people tend to ask for regular work from home arrangements. If you feel like that is the significant step to ensure for your business, enable you in having the processes and tools in place to formulate a positive employee experience wherever your team may be. As a reward, businesses that are adaptable about work options may appear more eye-catching to job-seekers in the future, and bagging lower costs with
fewer overheads and salary demands.

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Focus on outcomes-

Ventures that gauge the performance of employees through good outcomes and consumer feedback, rather than the hours they put in, are well-set for the future of work. Leadership is likely to move to be less about time-taking and more about directing employees to meet a shared goal.

Adapt to business models to gratify consumer expectations-

COVID-19 has likely changed customer behaviour and expectations forever. Why would you want to go to a busy shopping centre when home delivery is so easy?

Now, it is an opportunity for smaller ventures to ensure a look at their models. Spending in digital transformation consulting to gratify changing consumer expectations could elicit automating the supply chain, utilizing the cloud, creating a digital strategy, and welcoming in consultants and experts to provide guidance.

Capacity planning-

COVID-19 has punched hard on supply chains. While the pandemic has closed some parts of the supply chain, it has formulated massive demand in others. For instance, as brick-and-mortar businesses lost in-store sales, the increase in online shopping created a vast amount of pressure for distribution channels.

Ventures can redeploy organizational people to assist departments under pressure. Consumer confronting retail staff, for instance, could succour in virtual service centres.

Transparency in consumer communications-

In these indecisive times, it is more vital than ever to manage customer trust. Out-of-stock products, poor customer service, and delayed deliveries can result in major damage to the reputation of the business.

Utilize all your accessible communication channels to allow your customers to know the venture is not proceeding as usual. People mostly perceive current obstacles, as long as you are open with them.

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Adopt cloud services-

Gone are the days of missing portable hard drives and in-house servers. With improvised flexibility and security, cloud-based applications and storage offer businesses a long-run competitive edge in a changing world.

Also, they are more profitable than out-of-the-box options. Cloud-based services mostly provide options to suit all business needs and budgets.

Ventures that adapt to changing times are the ones that dwell as well as thrive. Our professionals are sharing expertise and insights to aid businesses in surviving and thriving. Get in touch with us now to ensure effective digital transformation consulting in Singapore.

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