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How does business automation software preparing a post-pandemic workplace?

business automation software

Author: Bizzman; Published on: November 23, 2020

For multiple businesses, it has been several weeks or months even since the COVID-19 pandemic pushed their overall workforce to work from home. Now, as businesses begin to restart and return to work, numerous are attempting to perceive the effect of the overnight change and emergency plans of business continuity on both employee and business results. Enabling the back-to-the-office experience is convenient and compliant for everybody can be a vast covenant for teams encumbered with this accountability, consisting of human resources, IT, and facilities departments. For that purpose, business automation software is assisting organizations and their people stay productive and connected, and to maintain business proceeding proficiently- whether in the office or at home.

buusiness automation software

This article will broadcast some ways IT and other teams can ensure the benefit of bots and utilize automation to be prepared for a victorious return-to-office experience.

Effective employee communication-

Remaining connected with organizational people via online collaboration tools and email is standard practice for organizational mostly. However, to be empathetic and proficient in the team and individual interactions, it is beneficial to perceive where and how to attain people, especially in times of uncertainty.

To confirm business-crucial notifications reach each employee, the Employee Interaction Preferences bot can send interactions automatically to employees in the way they favour to consume the information.

This bot ensures HR or IT to send an interaction preferences email query to employees, record the preferences of employees, and delivers vital or urgent communication subsequently as per the required method.

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business automation services

Backing up data-

With organizational people working remotely, home Wi-Fi has become the default for both professional and personal use during this time of social distancing. Relying on the company policies and accessibility of VPN (Virtual Private Network) services, employees, and their devices may or may not be safeguarded by automatic backups that take place in the office over the organizational network.

With the assistance of the Remote Employee Cloud Backup bot, IT can automate the process of aiding organizational people in remotely establishing cloud backups. This bot executes with the famous cloud backup application Carbonite Endpoint but can be built up to perform with other backup systems also.

Taking inventory of at-home office assets-

With little to no transition time possible, various organizations strengthened their organizational people to create the best of working at home by inspiring them to take from the office what they’d require to productively perform.

Multiple employees may have already had fully instrumented at-home workstations, but others required instruments borrowed from their workplaces. This instrument could consist of desktop computers, monitors, keyboards, extra cables, Wi-Fi hotspots, mice or other devices, desk lamps, and tabletop portable standing desks even.

To make office workspaces for organizational people to return, IT should understand what items are obtainable and where they are located.

Rather than individual outreach and manual input of at-home office assets of every employee into an asset or database management system, IT and facilities teams can grip the free Remote Workforce Asset Inventory Management.

This bot can automate sending a survey to all organizational employees and accumulating responses in a CSV file. Further, the bot can be configured for entering the information by employees into your employee record system or IT asset management- and free your IT and facilities teams to spotlight other activities that offer a great employee experience.

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business automation solutions


Although various organizations may have similar processes, each business has also unmatched requirements. Business automation software can help in minimizing manual work and human error.

As everyone navigates this new landscape, IT and other businesses can spin to automation as an ally. Adopting Robotic Process Automation bots can enable business continuity and offer a smooth return-to-office transition for all organizational people.

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