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How Healthcare Apps Will Become More Important in Post COVID 19 Scenario?

Healthcare Apps

Author: Bizzman; Published on: May 29, 2020

As Covid 19 pandemic has led to worldwide lockdown, people are finding it difficult to get medicines that they need urgently in stores. They are even finding it more difficult to consult doctors when required as most of the hospitals are filled with coronavirus affected patients. But people can easily and instantly access doctors during this crisis via apps.

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Smartphones have become part and parcel of our lives. People can use them to get essentials delivered at doorstep this lockdown season. The healthcare sector also has realized the worth of mobile app development. Thus, they are investing in it to provide on-time services to patients during this crisis. It can be said that healthcare apps are likely to be more important in the post-COVID 19 scenario. How? Read on to find out!

Key Reasons for the Increased Importance of Healthcare Apps in the Post Coronavirus World

Here are they:

People Acquiring Nosophobia

Do you know what nosophobia is? It is an absurd fear of contracting a disease. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, people are growing nosophobic as they get exposed to regular media coverage regarding the pandemic and are highly thinking about the risks to get affected. The increasing death toll leads to a paralyzing effect on them. Thus, they won’t be able to move freely and reach nearby hospitals when needed. In such critical situations, they can avail healthcare services by using an app.

Healthcare Apps

Online Doctor Consultations

Nowadays, people use their smartphones to avail many services.  On-demand doctor apps are providing online consultations with doctors. The mobile app development market is growing because of the pandemic. When developing your app, make sure to include the feature of doctor consultation as it helps to make huge profits now and so on. Before the consultation, doctors need to know the entire medical history of patients that help in offering top-notch medication.

online consultations with doctors

Apps ease the compilation and maintenance of medical records. People find compiling and maintaining these medical records difficult. They store health records with high-security encryptions for more efficiency, high safety measures and easy accessibility by doctors. With a mobile app, doctors can share medical reports stored in a database with specialists. This eases business operations, saves the cost of printing and helps in streamlining storage costs. As coronavirus pandemic has led to an economic slowdown in the healthcare sector, all the centres are likely to prefer mobile apps to boost operations and save a good deal of money to overcome the challenging situation. 


Video Consultations

Many health centres offer online appointment facilities so patients get relief from the queue. When people reach hospitals or clinics for consultation, they want convenience. Online video consultations provide them with the convenience they seek. With the mobile app, they can access doctors immediately and consult with doctors. Video consultation benefits people living in even the most remote locations of a country as distance never matters. Patients can contact specialists across the world via apps across the world if they have issues in travelling to health centres.

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Mobile Pharmacy

Apps make online prescriptions easily available to patients and medicines deliverable to their doorsteps. Thus, they do not need to visit pharmacy stores to purchase medicines. With on-demand apps, patients can get full healthcare assistance as and when required. They can consult with doctors who prescribe medicines to them in the form of online subscriptions. The patients can submit prescriptions to a healthcare app to get medicines delivered at their addresses. When people download the app, they can make purchases for medicines from anywhere anytime as all they need to is carry their mobile phones with themselves wherever they go.

Mobile Pharmacy



During the coronavirus crisis, people seek frequent medical consultations and checkups. In today’s digital-savvy world, building a high-end mobile app can be a smart choice. No matter how the situation turns out to be, healthcare centres need to offer all-in-one services to patients presently or in the future when coronavirus leaves the world. Mobile apps with the best features connect patients with concerned doctors instantly, eases medicine accessibility for patients and thus, promotes well-being in the society.

Do you want to build a robust and interactive mobile app to give an edge to your healthcare centre? Reach out to our app development team right away!

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