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Is The Implementation of The SAP Software Solution Justified For SMEs?

SAP Software Solution

Author: Bizzman; Published on: January 14, 2021

SAP Business One or SAP B1 is crafted for SMEs. If we talk to the SAP software solution provider we will see that there is a vast range of adoption of SAP B1 worldwide- over 50,000 organizations utilize SAP B1 to administer their business.

These implementations range in difficulty and consist of everything from 2 users, fairly simple adoption to SAP B1 to complex implementations with several users across different countries and sites.

This can develop some confusion for people having the query- “Will SAP B1 work for my small venture prerequisites?” This article will discuss in detail.

SAP B1, especially on the SAP HANA platform, is a highly scalable solution that can be utilized for difficult implementation across hundreds of users. However, an incredible feature of SAP B1 is that it was usually developed for SMBs. Thus, it has several features and functions that are well fitted to the significant level of implementation for a smaller business. Contact us anytime to know more about the SAP software solution.

This article will devise some of the reasons that SAP B1 can be implemented very successfully in a small business.

Available on-premise or in the cloud-

SAP B1 is obtainable on-premise, or in the cloud. Being a customer you can opt for the option that is the best according to your business. It is crafted to permit an internal superuser to do system maintenance. This minimizes the on-going costs involved with typical user admin:

  • Changing user forms
  • Implementing user authorizations
  • Configuring the system for new prerequisites
  • Adding additional users
  • Adding user-defined tables
  • Adding user-defined fields

Easily configurable-

If you want to re-construct SAP B1 you can do so with relative ease given the standard configuration tools obtainable.

Quick and simple to implement-

The SAP B1 solution and linked adoption methodologies permit for a quick time to implicate.

Call us now if you need SAP Consulting and Implementation services as per your business needs.

Access to on-line web-based training-

SAP has spent a vast amount on online training and user help. Getting team members trained gets convenient with these training tools in the use and admin engaged with SAP B1.

Tailored screens and integration-

SAP B1 provides a huge array of tools to let you integrate, develop, and affix solutions into the SAP B1 framework.

Online portal-

If you need any assistance with SAP B1, try one of the great online forums.

SAP B1 can be implicated in a short timespan for relatively small ventures that need an end to end business management solution.

A little known fact is that over 80% of SAP customers worldwide are SMBs. Have queries regarding SAP software solutions? Get in touch with us now.

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