Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a cloud-based business application platform that consolidates elements of CRM and ERP along with artificial intelligence tools and productivity applications. Our Microsoft Dynamics 365 services highlight your core manufacturing, accounting, and distribution needs, but expand to more. Overall, our value to your venture is to uplift your automation, control, efficacy, and scalability

Stay one step ahead with Microsoft Dynamics 365

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Embedded Intelligence

  • Constantly analyzes stockpiled data in Dynamics 365 by embedded artificial intelligence and cloud services, and across Exchange Online emails, for displaying alert card notifications that prompt actions and increase sales productivity.
  • Grip AI-powered capabilities with the Dynamics 365 Sales Insights add-on involving relationship analytics, comprehensive KPIs, visualization to support proactive leadership, effective coaching, and predictive lead scoring.

Linked Business Processes and Apps

  • Sales Involves lead management, opportunity management, marketing lists, sales automation, quote management, email marketing, and pipeline forecasting.
  • Customer services Elicits case management, SLA support, account management, service analytics customer, service automation, web portals, and contract management.
  • Marketing Wraps marketing segment, email marketing, event management, lead scoring, and many more.
  • Project services Consists of project scheduling, customer billing, project contracts, resource planning, resource management, and so on.
  • Field services Includes service agreements, mobile productivity, schedule and despatch, work orders, inventory management, and so on

Attain your targets with optimized business analytics:

  • Understand insights about your business performance and track progress against KPIs with embedded Power BI analytics, drill-down dashboards, real-time actionable insight, and data-driven decision-making.
  • Transform data by Microsoft Power BI dashboards into graphical analytics and reports that support informed and nimble decision making and trace your key metrics and shift to insights and actions from data in a blink of an eye.

Link Data sources

Established on an extendible platform with digital intelligence and shared data, our Microsoft Azure Cloud services furnish you with a single platform for business improvement and a single view of your data. This integrates:

  • ERP/Accounting Contact client order histories and financial details in Dynamics 365 and send complete orders for processing.
  • Web-forms Automatically initiate from PDF downloads, new enquiry forms, and sign-up forms that sketch from data to existing or new contacts.
  • Web tracking Identify which companies stop by your website and track these clicks to make known new prospects and generate online ROI.
  • Surveys Match replies of customer satisfaction from Microsoft Forms Pro and other survey tools to obtain records.
  • Document libraries Linking Dynamics 365 with the capabilities of the document management of SharePoint and OneDrive.
  • Microsoft teams Craft a Team channel with Dynamics that elicits incorporated file sharing, optimize cooperation to pin Dynamics records and views to Team channels.

Link marketing automation

  • Connect CRM, web forms, and email-marketing through embedded marketing automation. Empower your marketing teams to reduce admin and let them focus on setting up a high-impact campaign with personalized messaging.
  • Use real-time marketing engagement data in Dynamics 365 to align actions, picture leads, and introduce new campaigns with sales teams.

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Profitably upgrade your business with a complete customer view:

  • As a Microsoft solution provider, BizzmanWeb can assist you in managing your customers and sales leads within a cloud-based and consolidated setting of connected apps. Upgrade your clients' satisfaction, manage advancement, protect data, and empower employees in their fields.
  • Unify and share complete customer data across virtually any device that approve everyone to create involving communication. Attain visibility into past and scheduled customer actions and interactions across service teams, marketing, and sales

Scalable database architecture with custom business apps

  • Spontaneous tools to construct reports, workflow, security, views, and record forms.
  • Expand, setup, and custom apps across the Microsoft Business Application Platform
  • Get apps for every action encouraging robust workflow information and established intelligence.
  • Common Data Services merges Office apps and Dynamics 365 to improve interaction, enrich relationships, and optimize productivity
  • Power Apps uses visual drag and drop tools to rapidly secure mobile connected apps and new web.
  • Drag data from multiple sources to broadcast Microsoft Dynamics CRM capabilities, other business applications, and services.

Optimize business processes & enable 24/7 self-service

  • Being a Microsoft cloud solution provider, we help you in scaling up intelligent business processes to boost target and obtain customers. Implement processes that facilitate natural tailored experiences to upgrade satisfaction and leverage customers’ loyalty.
  • Ensure process update to enact on-demand self-service web portals that natively connect with Dynamics 365. Let your clients and other contacts log service issues and test out the status of their present cases- or advance other processes such as applications.
  • Ensure process update to enact on-demand self-service web portals that natively connect with Dynamics 365. Let your clients and other contacts log service issues and test out the status of their present cases- or advance other processes such as applications.
  • Avert obstacles regarding potential service to formulate a huge knowledge to help customers getting answers to common issues and questions anytime. Support your web portal convenience for undertaking other service requests, escalating involvement, and grip viewpoints.

Adaptable project option and managed services

From need scoping to system setup, BizzmanWeb invoices a fixed price approach for Microsoft cloud services that succour you in managing firm control over your project costs.

Enable of executing with a trusted Microsoft Solution provider that can aid you to address brisk and nonstop improvement with Microsoft solution.

Ensure harmony with field service automation

  • Microsoft solutions link your business processes and execute with known tools of Office productivity, empowering everyone to be more productive and effectively act through a linked solution.
  • Involve an effective person in the right place at the right time with vital equipment and skills. Ensure customer satisfaction and heighten field service resource productivity to lie in more appointments.