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Online Coaching Software: Top 4 Trends to Expect

Online Coaching Software

Author: Bizzman; Published on: April 15, 2020

E-learning is evolving at a rapid pace and coming up with advancements to ease the process of studying for everyone. Nowadays, students can continue studying remotely with a super-fast internet connection and without attending coaching classes because of the implementation of high-end software. This blog discusses the latest trends in online coaching software that may affect the e-learning scenario.

Reigning Trends in Online Coaching Software

Here is a list of online coaching software trends to look for :

1. Cloud Computing

The application of cloud computing in online learning has brought a revolution and is expected to grow in the near future. It largely benefits both users and service providers by significantly reducing their Total Cost of Ownership(TCO). The additional beneficial features include better security, more flexibility, stronger connectivity, adaptability and transparency that work well for coaching institutions of all sizes. Due to this, many companies have launched high-quality cloud-based LMSs in the market and online coaching mobile apps over the recent years.

online mobile coaching app


2. Video and Gamification Learning Modules

In 2017, the international online game-based learning market was valued at US$3.487 billion. By the year 2022, it is expected to increase at a 19.% CAGR to reach a market size of US$8.532 billion. This scientific fact reflects the high impact of visual and graphic elements on learning processes. The video and gamification have got the power to engage maximum learners as compared to plain text. By watching intriguing videos and playing online interactive games, students can acquire an in-depth understanding of strategies, learn time management, nurture decision-making skills and take risks. Gamification is not used widely in learning management systems but is expected to grow. The online coaching or learning institutes are likely to integrate more uploaded and streamed videos in their software to offer an enriching learning experience to students.

Gamification Learning Modules

3. Personal Learning Environment (PLE)

The extensive use of PLE enhances the user interface. So, training institutions should use PLE so users can easily modify the interface and system as per their requirements. As a coaching centre, you may integrate social media and blogs and apply semantic search functions to track students’ interests. Add user-base content generation as an extra feature to grow the software’s applicability in the corporate sector. As a consequence, activities such as information sharing, project-based training, learning and conflict management are expected to be more evident.

Personal Learning Environment

4. Talent Management

Many training institutes have started merging talent management and their learning software. A talent management system assesses skills and knowledge as of students. While LMS fills such gaps and helps in boosting the skills of students. In the future, more coaching institutions will design their software in such a way so they can give suggestions regarding courses and study materials to users.

Talent Management

The e-learning world has undergone a massive transformation in the past decade. In the near future, this sector will experience several transformations and advancement. The application of all-in-one software is rapidly expanding in the field of education. Are you running a coaching centre and want it to be the most favourite among students by offering top-notch and timely assistance? All you need is a high-end software. By offering a wonderful user experience, you can retain maximum students and take your business ahead of your competitors. 

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