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Online Examination System – Why Do You Need One?

Online Examination System

Author: Bizzman; Published on: March 28, 2020

Technological advancements have led to a significant evolution in educational methods and strategies. Nowadays, education is not only limited to a classroom but has expanded far and wide. Training institutes across the world implement state-of-the-art technology to ease the process of admission, fee payment, examination and performance evaluation. The online examination system is highly favourite among educational institutes and students because of its various benefits. Are you aware of the reasons why people like to use it? Keep reading to find out why you should start using it instead of a paper-based examination.

Key Reasons to Use an Online Examination System

1. Security and Flexibility

You get maximum security and flexibility in the online examination process. The system shuffles uploaded questions and gives them in various orders to each and every student that reduces the possibility of cheating. This is not possible for a traditional mode of examination as the paper is not printed differently for each student that leads to malpractices. The paper may also get leaked when passing it to other examination centres. An online system mitigates this risk.

online examination system


2. Instant Results

One of the best aspects of an online examination system is instant calculation and display of accurate results. While in a paper-based exam, a series of steps are involved which consume ample time and lead to human errors.

online examination system

3. Global Conduct

Examinations via the internet can be conducted anytime from any part of the world. All you need to conduct an exam smoothly are web cameras and microphones. This method of conducting an examination is known as remote proctoring. When an exam is conducted with the help of the internet, numerous candidates can appear without spending on travelling and accommodation. This gives relief from exam scheduling across different centres, adding security to these centres, hiring invigilators and others.

remote proctoring

4. Minimum Logistics Cost

As the examination and result processing is managed online using technology, it minimizes logistics costs. This works perfectly when you conduct an examination for thousands of candidates at various locations. A traditional examination has high logistics costs as several factors such as examination centres and invigilator hiring are involved. You need to deliver question papers and answer sheets to designated centres within a timeframe. For further processing, you need to collect answer sheets from all centres to a central location. With an internet-based system, you do not need to do these activities, reducing logistic costs and saving your time.

traditional examination

5. Objective Examination Compatibility

When it comes to objective examinations, the online system is the right choice as candidates need to select a single correct answer. They do not need to write in the English language with no or limited symbols, diagrams and others. But, it is not a suitable option for subjective examinations like drawing where students have more than one answer and may need to express themselves in different ways.

objective examinations

6. Less Examination Cost

The flexibility of the online-based system has reduced the cost of examination for students. While they need to spend a higher amount to sit for paper-based examinations. So, it can be said that the internet activated system is a more affordable and feasible option than the traditional examination process.

examination for students

7. Easy Supervision

In the online examination, a web camera is connected to a system that would capture images of students in auto surveillance mode. The camera acts mostly as a supervisor or invigilator that is cost-effective and time-saving. It keeps an eye on the students appearing for the examination. Thus, there is no need to appoint an invigilator for a set of students.

online examination

8. No Leakage

It is quite easy to design a question paper for a digital examination as it decreases the chances of fraud. When you frame a question paper for a paper-based examination, you need to do various activities including selecting questions, designing, printing and distributing paper to different centres. The online system ensures a high level of security as there is the least possibility of question papers leakage.

digital examination


9. Flexible Management

You get the flexibility to frame, evaluate and grade papers in different patterns for different students. In a paper-based exam, you get almost no flexibility and cannot do modifications or corrections at the last moment.

paper-based exam

10. Detailed Result Analysis

The online system provides detailed result analysis, rations subject, ranking or topic wise evaluation. The instant and easy result evaluation helps in further decision making and shortlisting process. While in a paper-based examination, result assessment is a manual and tough activity. As several examiners compile the final result, the outcome may not be accurate every time.

paper-based examination

These are the key reasons to use an online examination system over the paper-based technique. The educational sector is unimaginable without examinations. The evolving technologies, globalization and increasing competition make it necessary for you to keep yourself updated. To offer an all-inclusive digital and wonderful experience and easy access to examinees, all you need is a cutting-edge online examination system.

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