Property Management System

Innovative, Simple, Secure

Product Features

Technologically Advanced

Built with the latest in digital technologies, ourproperty management provides cutting-edge cost effective solutions to the real estate industry.

Quality Management

Smooth and efficient administration allows you to provide higher quality services in everything from maintenance to reporting.

Business Analytics

All the necessary and relevant data is curated into multiple statistical charts, allowing you to gauge your business activities and allocate resources as required.

Ease of Use

Our software is designed to be visually attractive and intuitively easy to use, making everything from reservation to payments simple and straightforward.

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Commercial Property Management

When set up for commercial property management, the app has the following features

  1. Registration and creation of unique profile

  2. Streamlining maintenance of common area

  3. Online leasing and rent payment

  4. Multiple secure payment modes

  5. Distinct analysis and reporting for commercial properties

  6. 24/7 access for reservation as well as complaints

Residential Property Management

When set up for residential property management, the app has the following features

  1. Online screening of applications

  2. Online automated payment of rent

  3. Maintenance and inspection requests online

  4. Scheduling and modifications of rent and increments

  5. Scheduling and posting vacancies online

Property Management System with a Difference

Property Management Software is a web-based software exclusively designed for property managers who want to automate, upgrade and expand their business. Real estate companies are growing at a rapid pace across the world. Brookfield Asset Management (Canada), American Tower Corporation (US) and Simon Property Group (US) are some of the most popular companies in the industry. 23 of the 38 largest real estate companies in the world hail from the U.S., including 4 of the top 5. Five of the remaining companies come from Australia, with France and the United Kingdom making up most of the rest of the list. Our all-in-one software has advanced features that you can use to streamline your activities and focus on increasing your profits. From promotion and leasing to maintenance and reporting, you can do everything from our all-in-one software solution.

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