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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best ERP for Small Businesses

ERP for Small Businesses

Author: Bizzman; Published on: July 14, 2020

Implementation of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system for your business (even if it is small) demands a good deal of time, money and resources. As you are looking for a solution that saves you money and gives your staff an instant access to important information, make sure the advanced system escalates your Return on Investment (ROI).

To choose the right ERP for your small business, you need to take certain steps. Do you know what are they?

Keep reading to learn the same in detail!

How to Choose the Right ERP for Your Small Enterprise?

Here are the steps to select the best ERP for your business :

Employ Senior Professionals for Your Project

To make your project a big success, you need to have support from top-level experts. Make sure your project is conducted by senior management professionals. They are likely to be more engrossed with the project and achieve desired outcomes.

 Employ Senior Professionals

Form a Cross-Company Project Team

Build the most effective project team by including stakeholders from core departments. With a cross-company team, every employee across your business makes objective and collective decisions. This promotes cooperation within your business. Appoint a project lead to deal with suppliers everyday, monitor internal functioning and meet targets.

Cross-Company Project Team

Decide Your Goals

Once you are done with building a productive team, set out your business objectives and plan accordingly. You may aim to streamline processes, centralise data, handle cash flows and boost customer experience(CX). It gets next to impossible at times to decide each objective precisely. If you do the same, you can assess your achievement after the project completion.

Decide Your Goals

Determine Project Requirements

Prepare a list of project requirements focussing on different processes in your organization. Communicate with representatives in areas including finance, HR, marketing, production and warehousing. Make sure you do not miss out any of their necessities. You can use an advanced selection tool to record functionalities of your present apps in detail.

Determine Project Requirements


Pick Supplier and Software

Select a supplier and software suited to your requirements. Create a list of approximately five to six providers. Prepare a Request for Information (RFI) covering aspects such as support access, experience, industries, financial due diligence, training, software and partnerships. Send the RFI to several providers and shortlist software options that help in meeting your business objectives.

Pick Supplier and Software

Ask for Demonstrations

In the ERP selection process, software demonstration plays a significant role. Ask for the demo from shortlisted suppliers. Explain to them what you actually want from the demo and for how long it should continue. Focus on the key factors that influence your business. Use a scorecard system to evaluate every demonstration with your project team.

 Ask for Demonstrations

Make a Choice

Once you are done with planning and evaluation, you need to make a choice. Evaluate the positive and negative points of proposals received from shortlisted suppliers. By this time, you need to decide which supplier you want for your project. Get into an official agreement on the ERP implementation project that both parties will sign along with documentation like a non-disclosure agreement.

 Make a Choice

The Bottom Line

These are the steps you need to take for finding out the right ERP for your small business. By implementing the best software, you can bring an exceptional improvement in overall business operations and grow your company big in the near future.

Are you looking for the best ERP system for your small enterprise? Reach out to us now to tailor it according to your precise needs.

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