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Top Angular Development Tools to Use in 2019

Angular Development

Author: Bizzman; Published on: September 24, 2019

If you are an Angular development company in Singapore and planning to build an Angular based website for your clients, you may be already on the lookout for solutions to make your task easier. There are a number of tools in the Angular system that developers use regularly during the various stages of website development. To make your task slightly easier, we have compiled a list of a few popular and trending AngularJS tools that your developers can use in 2019 to create websites to meet specific requirements of your clients, while also reducing their workload.

Coding Tools

Let us begin this list with the first step to development, coding. While the programming process itself is pretty straightforward (typing out commands), the long lines of code may inevitably cause you to lose track of what you have written. More complex the website, more complicated is the coding process. This may lead to inadvertent creation of errors, many of which may become difficult to rectify at later stages. To avoid this, it is necessary to have a content manager tool that helps you keep all your code and related data organized.

  • Aptana

Aptana Studio is an Integrated Development Environment, which is open source, and widely admired and used by developers. It is a seamless environment that allows you to create, edit, and preview your work, as well as debug websites created. It focuses on web development languages like HTML, JavaScript, and CSS among others. Aptana Studio 3 is the recently released latest and most updated version.

  • Sublime Text

Another proprietary source-code editor, Sublime Text is a cross-platform environment for coding, prose, and markup purposes. It uses a Python application-programming interface that gives you split-screen editing support. This allows you to edit two separate files, as well as two locations in a single file, simultaneously. What’s more, it also gives you a customizable code snippet for angular.

  • WebStorm

Yet another powerful Angular development coding tool, WebStorm was developed as an IDE by JetBrains. It has an inbuilt Dart plugin. The most important aspect of this tool is that it displays code going live without the need to visit or refresh the page. It conveys module packages before importing the Angular script. Compatible for languages like JavaScript, CSS, and HTML, it is one of the most preferred live code managers for Angular.

Debugging and Testing Tools

Once the coding process is done, the next step is debugging and testing your finished project. Bugs inevitably come in with codes, and debugging ensures these are removed and your code (website) runs as you intended. Following are some popular testing and debugging tools for Angular.

  • Karma

As you sow, so shall you reap. To translate this popular tenet of karma into programming terms: As you code, so shall you get bugs to debug. The developer testing tool Karma allows you to run your test in the browser, while simultaneously reporting it in the Command Line Interface (CLI). This allows you to get a constant feedback on every test performed. Karma allows you to conduct different types of tests, including unit testing, end to end testing, midway testing, etc.

  • Jasmine

Able to work on any JavaScript enabled platform, Jasmine is another very powerful open source development tool for testing and debugging. It uses Behaviour Driven Development (BDD) as well as Test Driven Development (TDD). It complements the Karma tool mentioned above, and using these two simultaneously allows to significantly simplify the testing and debugging process.

  • Protractor

Quite possibly the most rigorous end to end testing tool, the Protractor was created by the Angular team. It runs tests against applications directly in a real browser, allowing you to have a real time view of how your program would behave when a user is in direct interaction with it. It is compatible with Jasmine, Selenium, Mocha, and Node.js, this tool syncs your tests automatically with respective webpages.

Module Tools

Projects you get are rarely very simple. Usually, a number of added functionalities like filters, directives, factories, controllers, etc. are required for the site to function optimally, and even more may be needed later. These functionalities are added as modules, the development of which is also simplified by a number of Angular module development tools.

  • AngularUI

AngularUI allows for faster compilation of an application by syncing Angular with elements of the UI section. It facilitates directives like UI-Bootstrap, UI-calendar, UI-router, UI-map, UI-notification, etc. Arguably the most useful of these is UI-Bootstrap, which allows for the local creation of Bootstrap templates for other platforms, such as Twitter, directly within Angular.

  • ng-Table

The ng-Table tool enhances tables in HTML by filtering, sorting, and supporting the data. It allows variation in row heights, as well as great pagination. This tool also has a number of novel features and styles incorporated in the database.

So here were some of the most useful and used Angular development tools covering all the aspects of website development. The latest versions of these are all the more powerful and feature rich, considerably easing your website development process for the next project you work on. Happy developing!

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